Bound to a stone column in the ruins of the great citadel with great chains of black iron, Princess Scorch struggled with unfortunate futility as the dragon approached her. Her violet dress was in tatters, as several areas had large chunks torn from it. Scorch's long platinum blonde hair was covered in ashes and singed from dragonfire.

The great red dragon's face went up close to the princess, snarling ferociously. The temperature around her increased. Scorch cringed at its hideous appearance, and screamed at it angrily, struggling harder and kicking at its face. The dragon became furious as it roared vehemently, covering Scorch with a bit of dragon saliva.

Squinting hard, Scorch could locate the beast's most prominent feature... the genitalia? Much to the princess's shock, it was the most noticeable, as it was not flaccid. "Urgh," she groaned. She had a very deep voice. The fiend approached cautiously, its heavy breathing magnified by its intent.

An indistinct, far-off shouting noise could be heard from outside the castle walls. Before the dragon could make any more moves, the citadel's doors opened, a knight in shining armor emerging from the cloud of ashes. His sabatons crashed upon the ground while let out a battle cry as he charged towards the dragon.

The knight, Gramm, swung his sword, cleaving the dragon's penis in twain. A thick stream of blood emerged from the sliced areas. The beast bellowed in agony, flailing its head wildly across the room. It spewed a great gout of fire at the knight, be he raised his shield just in time. Then, Gramm swung his broadsword once more, and the dragon's head thudded on the ground. The beast was slain.

Gramm approached the fair damsel in distress and broke her binds. Scorch threw her hands around her rescuer, exclaiming, "Thank you, thank you, my knight!" Gramm removed his helmet, revealing a handsome face with long, black hair. "Hmmm..." he thought. "I suppose... we should make love here?" he finally suggested, with a smooth and heroic, yet feminine, voice.

"Oh, my knight in shining armour, Gramm..." Princess Scorch moaned in her silky, black man's bass voice, "I wish you had perished in combat so I can have proper sex with you." And they kissed, wrestling each other's tongues, while Scorch stabbed her knight Gramm in the anal orifice with a poisoned dagger, killing him instantly.

Scorch pulled the blade out, coming out "cleanly". She then looked down at her knight's corpse. A dark pool of blood accumulated beneath Gramm's buttocks. She stripped it of its armor and made sensual love with it for several days, orgasming uncontrollably every ten minutes until she finally died herself from thirst and exhaustion.

...Meanwhile, Reaper stood in a nearby tower as he jerked his penis furiously while Princess Scorch had sex with Sir Gramm's festering corpse. He also perished due to massive semen loss, several consecutive "temmies", a very sore arm, and exhaustion.

And they died happily ever after.

The End

...Many years later, a little cactus sprouted out of the ground outside the citadel walls, and small curious village girl named Zyranne ran out from the forests, and discovered the castle ruins. Zyranne plucked it out of the ground happily. She came home giggling with joy as she held the painful plant in her hands. In the end, another death had occurred as a result of hemorrhaging from attempting to use the cactus as an anal masturbation device.

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