Staring at the cactus at the table intently, Anna furrowed her brow and frowned pensively. She clasped her hands together and prayed to the legendary and omnipotent deity Poper, the metaphysical god of Seventism, that she wouldn't be sent to the hospital, nor seen by Ieva. Anna would rather die than be seen, by Ieva, cheating with a cactus. Her hand grasped the small pot firmly and moved it towards her meticulously.

I suppose you can assume what happened next. Neighbors reported loud, passionate yet pained screaming and moaning from next door. They heard, "Oh, don't stop!" repeatedly and quite a lot of pained moaning. Ieva walked back home to a corpse of Anna and her bloody posterior, and bedsheets drenched in blood, as well as a small cactus. Ieva dropped the groceries in utter shock.

Oh, well. Anna died and then Ieva saw her.

The moral of the story? Don't cheat on people with a cactus.

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